Artisan Month
A celebration of female creators
This month, we’re shining a light on female artisans and giving back to female entrepreneurs.
We've been donating 40% of all artisan sales to JUST to support female-run businesses affected by COVID-19. Our community has raised 20k so far - let's keep going!
Barbara Ross-Innamorati of Évocatuer

Barbara’s journey began with a mission to create gold leaf and silver leaf jewelry. Her distinctive, American-made styles are works of wearable art.

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Break the rules. When I first started out, people told me that I couldn’t make jewelry out of gold leaf and silver leaf. This didn’t intimidate me but empowered me.

- Barbara of Évocateur

Nancy Nelson

Since a young age, Nancy has always felt a deep connection with nature. Now, nestled in her forest home in the Appalachian Mountains, she designs jewelry to make women feel renewed, grounded, and beautiful.

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My advice is to believe that you can succeed and you’ll find the ways to make it happen. You will never feel ready to start but you have to dive in and trust the process.

- Nancy Nelson

Marcia Moran

Marcia’s style is influenced by her native Brazil, her home in California, and her world travels. See how she transforms organic shapes from nature, like coral, into sophisticated silver statements.

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I saw the beauty of the red sea and decided to use it in my designs.

- Marcia Moran

Efrat Saada-Limor

Efrat uses colors, texture, and unique materials like ancient roman glass to create modern organic designs.

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I like to take my daily walk in the field that surrounds my home – nature is part of me and gives me fuel after my work day is done.

- Efrat Saada-Limor

Silvi Rozenfeler

Silvi’s passion for design emerged out of love for the history and nature of her hometown in Israel. She was an OR nurse who began jewelry-making as a hobby. Soon, her patients purchased every piece she’d worn to work!

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I never imagined I’d be a designer. It was when I was in a car accident and was grounded for a few months that I started to create simple jewelry to pass the time. Soon after, my husband suggested we open a family jewelry business.

- Silvi Rozenfeler