A passionate female-driven team.
A platform that builds community and champions female empowerment.
A company that believes in supporting women as much as we believe in making high quality pieces.
Female Empowerment, You Say?
We support great organizations run by inspiring women. Nonprofits and charitable organizations that work within local communities to provide meaningful resources to women of all stripes. We believe and engage in female-centered partnerships.

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“I still wear my very first piece I purchased years ago. As well as many pieces I’ve owned since.”
- Christina F.
“Pretty designs. Professional company with great shipping, pretty packaging, and quality jewelry.”
- Marla D.
“I have been purchasing Silpada jewelry for at least 10 years, and I love their products.”
- Deborah S.
“I enjoy the variety that Silpada has to offer. I have sensitive ears and Silpada earrings are one of a few that I can wear.”
- Joan H.
“I’m always happy with all of my Silpada purchases! People comment on my jewelry almost every time I wear it! I’ve got my daughter & daughter-in-law hooked on it!”
- Sandi T.
If you’re new to Silpada, welcome. If you’re a loyal friend, it’s nice to see you again.
Shop away, continue to support women with us and join the fun.