Shine Rewards FAQs

What is Shine Rewards?
Shine Rewards is Silpada’s loyalty program that rewards you for shopping. Earn points for every dollar you spend and redeem them for free jewelry and discounts on future purchases. The more you shop, the more perks you’ll get! Click here to join.

How do Shine Rewards work?
Once you create a Shine Rewards account or log in to your existing Silpada account, you can begin earning points by making purchases and completing simple actions (like following us on social media or giving us your birthday!). Once you’ve accumulated enough points, the discounts and products available to be redeemed for points will appear in the cart.

Does it cost anything to join?
No. Membership is free and no purchase is necessary to join.


Are there different Shine Reward tiers?
Yes, there are three:

  Member - Entry level, free to join.
  Shine Friend - Greater rewards, $200 minimum spend per year
  VIP - Top tier, $600 minimum spend per year

What are the perks of becoming a Shine Rewards Member?

   - Earn one point for every dollar spent.
   - Receive preferred shipping on all your orders.
   - Bonus point days* (*Opportunity to earn even more points while shopping. Please note: Shine Friends and VIPs receive more bonus point days than Members.)
   - Monthly access to exclusive items just for program members, called Hidden Gems.
   - Receive gifts on your birthday, anniversary, and other occasions.
   - Gain early access to select promotions.
   - Earn points for leaving a review or photo when you receive a review request from us.

What are the perks of being a Shine Friend?
As a Shine Friend, you’ll receive the same benefits Members do, as well as these additional perks:

   - Earn 1.25 points for every dollar spent.
   - Bonus point days* (*Opportunity to earn even more points while shopping.)
   - Early access to new arrivals
   - Exclusive sales

What are the perks of being a VIP?
VIPs receive what Members and Shine Friends do, as well as these additional perks:

   - 1.5 points for every dollar spent.
   - Free product offers
   - Access to a personal jewelry consultant.

Does my tier status ever expire?
Your tier status will expire after one year if you do not meet the minimum spending threshold.


How do I earn points?
There are lots of ways to earn points!

   - Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend
   - Earn 50 points just for signing up
   - Earn 15 points for liking us on Facebook
   - Earn 15 points for following us on Instagram
   - Earn 10 point for writing a review (solicited reviews only)
   - Earn 15 points for submitting a photo or video with your solicited review
   - Earn 100 points on your birthday
   - Earn $10 worth of points for referring a friend

Can I earn points without purchasing?
Yes! Some ways to earn you points without shopping include: joining Shine Rewards (50 points), liking our Facebook page (15 points), following us on Instagram (15 points), or getting a friend to purchase (200 points). We’ll also send you 100 points on your birthday!

What if I already like Silpada on Facebook or follow on Instagram?
Unfortunately, this benefit is only for new followers. However, we greatly appreciate your loyalty and have many other ways you can earn points.

Can I earn points if I pay with a gift card?
Yes, if you are paying with a gift card, you can earn points at the rate of 1 point per $1 spent (or based on your tier status).

Do my points ever expire?
The only time your points will expire is if your account has been inactive for one year or more, or if we terminate the Program.

Can I use points to purchase a gift card?
No, gift cards are excluded from point redemption.


How do I redeem points?
There are multiple ways to redeem points. You can exchange your points for Reward Items or for a discount on your purchase.

For Reward Items -
You can see eligible Reward Items in two places on site: our Shine Rewards Program page and at check out. To add a Reward Item to cart, click “Redeem” on applicable items.

For Dollars Off -
You can redeem your points for dollars off your order during check out. Available discounts will show up in your cart automatically.

Rates are as listed:

   - 200 Points = $10 off
   - 400 Points = $20 off
   - 600 Points = $30 off
   - 800 Points = $40 off

What is a Reward Item?
Reward Items are our selection of jewelry styles that can be purchased using points.

Will Silpada rotate out Reward Items?
Yes, Silpada reserves the right to rotate our Reward Items at any time.

Can I redeem points for multiple Reward Items in one order?
Yes, you can use points for as many Reward Items your point balance allows.

Can I use my points for both a discount and a Reward Item in a single order?
Yes! During check out, you’ll see available Reward Items and available discounts. Click ‘Redeem’ to add an available style to your order. Exchange your remaining points for a discount of up to $40 off (for 800 points). If preferred, you can apply your discount first and then select your Reward Item.

Can I redeem points for multiple discounts in a single order?
No, at this time, you are limited to one redeemable discount per order.

Can I redeem points for a discount during a sale?
Yes, at this time you can combine a redeemable discount with promotions on our site. We may, however, choose to exempt certain site promotions.

What if I have more points than dollars offered for redemption?
At this time, the maximum amount of points you can redeem for dollars off is 800 points ($40 off).


What happens to my points if I return something?
If you used points to pay for your order, they will be returned to you. If you return one item from a multi-item order, you will be refunded the points used towards that item.

Can I return a Reward Item (product bought using points)?
No, Reward Items are not returnable.

What happens to my existing points if I change tiers?
Nothing! Previously-earned will not be affected by tier changes.

Can I transfer points to someone else?
No, your points are yours alone.

When will I see my new points balance?
Points used will be deducted from your account immediately upon placing an order. Points earned from making purchases will appear in your account once your order has been processed. Please note it may 1-2 business days for points earned to be reflected.

When will I see my new tier status?
It can take 1-2 business days for your new tier status to reflect in your account.

What does preferred shipping mean?
Preferred shipping mean your orders will be fufilled before anyone else's (after processing) with the fastest shipping option available.

How will I be informed of exclusive sales or early access to select promos?
Exclusive sales and early access are always a surprise! But, keep an eye on your inbox, we'll be sure to will email you ahead of time to let you know.

What is a solicited review?
A solicited review is one that we, Silpada, ask you to leave. After placing an order, you’ll receive an email approximately 14 days later asking you to review the items you ordered. If you complete a review via that email, you will earn points. Please note that reviews left directly on our product pages, not resulting from receiving a post-purchase review request email, are not eligible for points.

What should I do if my point balance is incorrect?
Please contact customer care at 844-278-1878.

How do referrals work?
The Refer A Friend program allows you to earn points for referring friends to Silpada. Simply enter your friends’ email addresses on the Refer a Friend page and we’ll send them an email with $10 off their first order. If they make a purchase, you’ll get $10 worth of points added to your account.

You can also share your unique referral link on your own social media pages. After entering your email address on the Refer A Friend page, links will appear to copy your referral link and easily share with friends.

How come I didn’t get points when my friend made a purchase with my referral link?
Your friend must make a purchase of at least $20 in order for you to get referral points.

Can I refer someone I live with?
At this time, no you cannot refer someone in the same household.


Can more than one person have a Shine Rewards account in the same household?
Yes, multiple people can create accounts at the same address, however, at this time you cannot refer someone within your household. Make sure you’re logged into the correct account when you shop so you don’t miss any points!

How will I be informed about Shine Rewards updates or initiatives?
You’ll be informed about any updates, promotions, and initiatives via email.

How do I sign up for Rewards emails?
Upon signing up for Shine Rewards, you’ll automatically start getting emails about the program. If you’re subscribed to Silpada’s emails, you will also see your points and tier status at the top of all emails.

If I’m currently unsubscribed from Silpada’s marketing emails will I still be informed about loyalty related information?
Yes, if you are unsubscribed from marketing emails, you’ll receive updates about Shine Rewards. You have the option to unsubscribe from emails at any time by clicking ‘Unsubscribe’ in any Shine Rewards email.